Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson


Matt has worked as a registered Psychologist in private practice, community settings, and hospitals. He has experience with personality disorders (specifically Borderline Personality Disorder), as well as sexuality and gender diversity, transition and grief, anxiety and depression, trauma, and general wellbeing. Matt’s interests lay within these areas and predominately works with adults. (Book Online)

Matt is an Intensively-Trained Dialectical Behavioural Therapist and predominately uses this framework, as well as Schema Therapy with elements of CBT. Matt’s therapeutic approach is a balance of acceptance and change, with a touch of irreverence. He loves to get to know his clients and tailor treatment to meet their needs. In therapy, Matt is not afraid to go where our minds are scared to and begin to heal that inner-child within us all.

Matt is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and aims to provide a safe space for all. Everyone is welcome in Matt’s sessions.

Matt is interested in film, plants, and loves a good therapy joke/meme.

“I love providing the space (and tools) for the individual to be their own hero. For the person to write their own story out of what cards they’ve been dealt and use these cards to build a life worth living.”