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Psychological Assessment & Counselling Richmond VIC

We are an independent practice comprised of the highest calibre psychologists offering psychological treatments and expert consultation on a wide range of matters for clients such as businesses, courts, government bodies and media/entertainment. We have a special interest in psychological issues faced by men, and a commitment to developing the capability and capacity of male psychologists to help address this need.


Psychological Therapy

Evidence-based treatments for a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, addictions, anger, sexual problems, relationship issues, bereavement, adjustment to major life changes and medical conditions, trauma, OCD etc.



Pre-sentencing evaluations
Civil psychological injury claims
Family and Children’s Court evaluations
Expert witness
Treatment Reports


Corp. & Government

Evaluation and Advice
Personality & Psychological Testing


Education and Training

Workshops and psychological therapy training for mental health providers
Supervision of psychologists and psychology registrars



Dr Clint Gurtman

Director, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Dr Clint Gurtman is a clinical & forensic psychologist, founder, and co-director of RCP.


Dr Marcus Squirrell


Dr. Squirrell is a clinical psychologist who offers assessment and therapy services to adolescents and adults.


Dr Peter Tsokas

Clinical Psychologist

Peter is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked within various DBT teams and inpatient facilities across Melbourne and Geelong in the treatment of issues relating to emotional dysregulation and interpersonal difficulties.


Brydan Xavier


Brydan (He/Him) is a psychologist who has worked in private practice, community mental health, and forensic settings. He is a member of the LGBTIQAPSB+ community and a client-centred practitioner with an empathic, pragmatic, and collaborative approach.


Dr Micaiah Zwartz


Dr Micaiah Zwartz is a psychologist with over nine years’ experience providing therapy in a range of settings. His focus is on increasing client wellbeing through reconnecting them with their values and helping them overcome various obstacles to lead more meaningful and enriching lives.


Matt Borowik

Clinical Psychologist

Matt is an LGBTQI friendly Clinical Psychologist who works with both adults and adolescents (Book Online)


Dr Susan Mills (Telehealth Only)


Susan is a Registered Psychologist with a wide range of experience having worked in a therapeutic role over many years, with a broad range of clients (more…)

Anthony Smith

Psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar)

Anthony is a registered psychologist and clinical registrar with diverse experience across public and private mental health sectors. He works with adult clients, firmly believing in everyone’s potential for growth and change (Book online)



For appointments please call: 0396740390 or alternatively book online

If you have any other enquiry please email for a more rapid response.

Please note that our service is not able to deal with emergencies. Should you require emergency assistance please contact your GP, local hospital, LifeLine (131114) or dial 000

Richmond Central Psychology
Mailing Address: 30 Thomas St Richmond VIC 3121
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